Friday, November 28, 2014

Feel better with Magnetic Therapy?

I've always been one to look into alternative options when it comes to feeling better.
If you're not tired of swallowing pain killers yet then watch some TV commercials where the list of side effects for medication is longer than the list of benefits.
I've been prone to migraines (inherited, which I also passed on to my kids) since I was a child. Every few days, if I was lucky, every few weeks I would "lose another day of my life" to yet another migraine.
If you've ever experienced the worst hangover of your life with a throbbing headache and nausea, add "slow motion movement and thinking/speaking", stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, sensitivity to any light or the slightest noise and stabbing pain on either side of your head or eyeballs (yes, eyeballs can hurt) and you pretty much experience what it's like for me during another one of these episodes.
So I try to keep a strict bed time which is stricter than what my kids had when they were little, I completely avoid alcohol since I get hangovers for free (can you say BORING!) and try not to get myself too stressed out over stuff so I don't get punished the next day.
Aleve has to be in the ready for me. The painkillers are in obvious sight on my kitchen counter and another bottle in my purse. Because if I dare to go anywhere and not have any with me IN CASE I get another migraine, I will have an anxiety attack. No kidding.
I went through more Aleve in a month than you go through birth control. No kidding either.
And then this.... my Mom who's been battling with extremely high blood pressure (in the 200s) and then the side effects from the 11 pills she had to take per day thanks to the high blood pressure and a couple of other issues.... told me about this Magnetic Jewelry and products from a German company. I was skeptical at first but the reason she told me about this in the first place was because I had noticed a (positive) change in her recently and asked if she was feeling better. All of the sudden she was driving and going places again, later in the afternoon and even at night, she sounded motivated, happy and energetic, telling me about major cleaning up tasks she'd done and this and that, all of which didn't sound like her since she had been battling those health issues, this sounded like her "old self" BEFORE the health issues! So I asked if she was feeling better and that's when she told me about this magnetic therapy.
So here's what happened...
I told her I immediately needed something for my husband.

My husband has his own share of physical ailments. Too many to list here but the main thing he’s been dealing with for most of his life is pain. Particularly pain from his ankle that was crushed in his Teen years, fixed again in his 30’s, has bone loss and has developed arthritis in. The pain was constant and some days more severe than others. I asked my mom to send him one of the products and she chose the “Magnetic strip”. It’s similar to the heart, but slimmer and different in shape. He’s been wearing it for about a month for about 12 hours a day. And if you ask him about it he will tell you  “I don’t know how it works, but I know I haven’t been feeling the pain like I normally do”.( I personally think the fact that a man continues to wear something that nobody can scientifically explain why it works is testament enough THAT it works.)

After I saw that it helped my husband, I called my best friend who I knew also tried the products.... 
 She has been wearing the “Heart” and using the “Magnetic Water Stick” and she's really noticed the effects and loving it. 

And here's MY experience / review: While waiting on my order to arrive, I decided to share the “Magnetic Strip” with my husband. He would wear it during the day and I wore it overnight. I started wearing it at the start that “time of the month”  has always been a recipe for a Migraine. The latest by day 3 I would take 3 ALEVE a day, in bed, unable to function and just hope for it to go away eventually. Sometimes it would last for days which meant making sure I had enough pain killers in the house. This was my month (!) in MONTHS that I didn’t have to deal with losing several days of my life to a migraine. When I got my order, I started wearing the “Heart” every day all day. I immediately started using the “Magnetic Water Stick” in everything I was drinking, from the bottled water to the water for the coffee. (You can use it in carbonated drinks also, just don’t stir too long or it’ll lose the “bubbles”). It’s now been about 3 weeks since I started wearing the strip and I have not dealt with a migraine since. There are days when I wake up and feel some tension in the back of my neck which would normally mean taking pain killers ASAP or else a full blown migraine will hit soon. But now I don’t take any and within 30 minutes after waking up I feel great and the tension is gone.

And last but not least, I feel better “overall”. I feel more at peace and not annoyed and anxious about things like I normally do, I have energy instead of the daily afternoon slump. In the past 3 days I organized 10 huge boxes of clutter from my office that I haven’t touched in 6 years. I did this for 6 to 8 hours every day where I normally would have given up after a couple of hours.

So these are the experience of my loved ones and myself so far. If you’re interested in trying the products out yourself, let me know and I’ll be happy to get them for you.

I don’t EVER “promote” anything that I don’t LOVE 100%. And when I do love something I feel that everyone should have it and benefit from it. In my opinion, everyone should at least own the Heart or Strip and a Water Stick. J

What better gift to give this christmas than the gift of feeling better? 

Go to my online shop to order or 

Magnetic Water Stick by Energetix

 There are also pet products available! Contemporary design and high quality PLUS the benefit of the magnets! I know what my pups will find in their stocking christmas morning! :)

Magnetic Pet Collar Tag

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wood sign letter transfer DIY

I just realized I never posted these on here!
And since I'm working on a Welcome sign for my DIY Fall pumpkin decoration I'll include that also.
I made these wooden name plaques for the canvas pictures I have in our guest room of some (yes, those are not all) furry family members.
I had planned on using wooden letters to make the signs but after looking at the cost to make them all and given the fact that I didn't want to use a "simple" font. Because I wanted to have each sign be unique and individual but overall have a similar look I decided to give this a shot.
Plus with this technique, regardless how many letters were in a name I was able to adjust it to where they would all fit on the same size sign.

You'll need:

  • Wooden sign/board (can be reclaimed wood or you can find those little plain ones at Walmart or Hobby Lobby etc.)
  • white paint & paint brush
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie
  • Sandpaper or acrylic nail file
Paint one coat of white paint onto your wooden boards, doesn't have to be a thick coat and if you're trying to achieve the look of mine, make sure it's a thin coat where the wood still shows through. You can also use a stain for this provided it's a light colored one if you plan on using a black sharpie.
If you are using a dark pain or dark stain, just use chalk instead of the pencil to transfer the letters.

Let the paint/stain dry thoroughly which shouldn't take long.
Now using a program like MS Word, create the "name" you want on your sign with the font of your choice. Then by clicking "outline" in the font menu you will save ink when printing, as all you'll need is the outline.
Check the size of your name and make sure it'll fit on your wooden sign (make sure your WORD setting is at 100%)

Now print 

The next step is easier and faster if you use carbon copy paper. But I didn't have any so I used this simple technique. Turn your paper over and cover each "name" with pencil. (Use chalk if you painted the signs dark)

 This is what it'll look like from the front

Now put your wooden sign under the paper and trace the name with the pencil. 

The pencil will transfer onto the board

Fill in the name with the black sharpie

Using the sandpaper or file, distress the sign across the entire front, corners and edges

If you plan on hanging the sign outside, add a protective spray

To hang them on the wall without putting holes in the sign or wall I used sticky tack 

And for the pumpkin decoration...
(This was made out of a 2x6 board, 3 pieces of landscape timber, small branches and plastic leaves)

I made a Welcome sign using an old split cedar fence board

Instead of the pencil I used chalk to transfer the letters

Painted it with white paint 
(due to the lack of having a white lacquer pen which would have been easier) 

let it dry and distressed it with some fine sandpaper

Finished :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Riolu Pokemon hat

My newest crochet pattern - after a lot of "nagging" 
I gave in to my son and came up with a pattern for the Riolu Crochet hat!
I made it so it could even double as a "sleep mask" 
during those long morning bus ride naps ;)

I searched high and low for a pattern but didn't find anything close to this which is why I had to wreck my brain for quite a while to come up with my own. 
Scroll down to get to the link where you can get the pattern.

Get the pattern here:

If you prefer Etsy you can find the pattern in my Etsy shop HERE

How to apply 3D Fiber Lashes by Younique

I've been wanting to do this for a long time - here it is!
Easy step by step video tutorial on how to apply what I like to call the "best mascara in the world" :)
Must have for every girl!
Get yours on my WEBSITE or if you're local email me to see if I have some one hand.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trend 2014? Boot Cuffs!

Of course they are!
And if you haven't gotten yours yet - you better hurry! Fall is knocking on the door!
For a limited time only I'm crocheting boot cuffs for sale....
and my list is filling up fast - get on it while I'm still offering these!

Do you crochet yourself or know someone who would make them for you?
Get the pattern here:

Crochet Boot Cuffs in grey and beige marble

crochet flower on boot cuffs

And while you're in my store, look around there's plenty more goodies!! :)

Happy crocheting,

The Cre8ive Chick

Crochet Bootcuffs in grey marble

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Boob Beanie & Hairband Crochet Patterns

For breastfeeding Moms and everyone who those would like to give a gift that everyone will talk about at the baby shower... I've made the hats for sale before but now I'm offering the pattern for those of you to who want to make it yourself!

The Boob Beanie Hat for Babies! Get the pattern HERE

And in time for summer - a cute and airy crochet headband / hairband with a gorgeous peony flower that can also be made just for home decor!
Pattern can be found HERE

Sunday, April 27, 2014