The REAL Cre8ive Chicks

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In spring of 2013 we've decided to add yet more family members to this "almost" Zoo. 
This was a new adventure as even though I grew up on a farm that we eventually converted into a chicken farm, chicken keeping was still a new thing for me as I never knew what goes into the care, housing and more plus I was used to the "red standard" (aka. boring) kind and had NO IDEA there were so many pretty and unique looking breeds out there! 

So we (or I) started by building the coop, big enough to comfortable house 6 chickens plus an attached pen, sturdy enough to keep racoons, our dogs and other wildlife out and the chickens safely inside.
The building part was of course a longer and harder process than anticipated as with all of my projects.
But despite 100+ F heat nearly every single day of building we got it done and the chickens were ready to move into their new home.
It all started with 
1 black silkie (Oprah)
1 white silkie (Paula)
1 splash maran (Sofia)
1 blue maran (Madea)
Well, sofia got sick and madea was a bully. So we brought Sofia to get treated to be returned to us when she got better, but she unfortunately didn't get better. Madea was hacking away on everyone (she was already 6 months old and wouldn't get along with the little ones) so we decided we needed to find a better fit/younger aged.

So then the silkies were alone for a while, then 2 babies moved into the nursery around August, 
1 cream brabanter (several names: Photobomber (for obvious reasons)
Abe (the beard)
Honey Badger (because she's fearless and just doesn't care)
1 cream legbar (Angry bird - not because she is, but she looks like one)

and another silkie - this time a buff with a blue bootie (Martha Stewart)

And even though they had a ladder and a roost in their coop, the 3 of them found it way more comfy to squeeze together on the feed bucket to sleep at night

So I built them a "mini roost" which worked for a while until I finally had them trained for the big roost.
(Who knew you had to "train" chickens to roost?? I sure didn't)

But then Paula turned into "Paul"...... complete with the crowing early in the mornings.
Since we can't have roosters here, we sadly had to bring him back to his first home.
The ladies weren't too unhappy about this as he had been bossing them around for a while.

So them we were at 4, I really wanted to add "chocolate eggs" to the mix and loved the splash color of the marans plus I REALLY wanted another white silkie. But they're so hard to sex and even harder to find once they are. But in March this year I finally got a message that there was a white silkie that was to 90% a girl! And on top of it, a baby splash maran! Perfect! Went to pick them up (at 2 different locations so I drove a good 3 hours total for 2 chickens) and the baby maran was SOOO tiny, only 6 days young! This was my first young baby, all the others were at least 6 weeks old. But since the silkie was already 6 weeks and VERY fluffy as silkies are, I didn't need a heat lamp, the little one right away adopted the silkie as its "mom" and hid under her as she would with her own. The silkie did a fantastic job taking care of the baby even at such a young age herself. We kept them in the laundry room or bathroom when it was too cold outside and even dealt with sour crop (of the maran baby) but they both are thriving! So much that unfortunately it became very clear this week that the baby maran will NOT lay any eggs. Ever. Yes, another boy :(

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