Feel better - Be the best!

Would you like to feel better?
Are you dealing with pains or aches? Low Energy? Sluggishness? Extra Pounds? Tired? Tired of feeling this way?
Would you like to feel better and BE better?
Be a better Mom/Dad, a better Wife/Husband, a better Employee (or Boss)? A better Friend, Daughter/Son/Sister/Brother, etc?
You know when you don't feel good you can't be at your best in any of these areas. 
When I deal with my chronic pain I get cranky, annoyed, short fused, tired, sluggish, even my thinking and speaking works like in slow motion...  When you don't feel good you can't be good.


Do you have Migraines? Headaches? Back pain? Fibromyalgia? Arthritis? Any other pain that makes you not feel at your best? 
I'm one of the Migraine sufferers. Ever since I was a little girl I have lost days of my life to Migraines.

But thankfully I have found 2 "little secrets" that have helped me TREMENDOUSLY! 
One of these are Wellness Products made in Germany. I don't know where they've been hiding (since they've been all over the world for YEARS), but I didn't find out about these until this past fall, And now it's been a month since I started using them and I don't remember EVER going through an entire month PAIN FREE! Without a single migraine! It's unbelievable because I'm one of those who will "pretend" to be ok, sneak a painkiller and try to pull through. Just how often... you can read about my entire experience and what has helped me HERE.

Drug free - Pain free - Simple to use - VERY affordable!

I have been using them for a little over a month now and I have not had a single migraine since! And periods are "easier" too! Way less cramping and "down time" vs. before. Read more about my journey at the link above or to find out more about the products visit this site.



My weight gain journey.... (yep, GAIN!)

As most people do, I always gained a couple (or more) pounds every winter. But thanks to the summer heat here in Texas and my "always busy" lifestyle working outside I usually kinda sweat it off by the time mid summer hit. Not this time.

I failed to lose my "winter pounds" for the past two years! Even with my active lifestyle. And yes, I do a great job at "hiding" pounds with the right clothing (.... at least I'd like to think that LOL)

By Thanksgiving this year (2014) I was 18.6 lbs over "my weight"! Yikes

None of my jeans fit. You know it's time when you have a closet full of clothes you can't wear and have to shop for a bigger size. (Yuck.)

In the past I never had a problem controlling my eating when I "needed" to. But it seems these past 2 years no matter what I tried, weight watchers old and new plan, fitness apps, starving myself, green smoothies for lunch, working out.... I couldn't stick with any of it longer than a week. One or two pounds lost and then they found their way right back. My biggest challenges when trying to lose weight are:

● I just LOVE food and I can't control what I eat and how much of it.

(I think this is borderline food addiction... for real)

●Working out, (I love the feeling afterwards but I hate doing it) and after a week or two... No more workouts.

●Getting grumpy or a headache when not eating enough... Yes I get HANGRY!

One of my Facebook friends has been posting about hers and her husband weight loss progress for the past month (10 and 16 lbs) using a natural supplement. But I was still a bit skeptical as I usually am with products I hadn't heard about before. I didn't wanna use a shake (most contain a bunch of no good stuff and it would still require me to "make myself" drink a shake instead of eating) and I also have a "medical" reason. I've had issues with premature heartbeat for 2 years. Have been tested and at the cardiologist, it's nothing "bad" but I had to really cut back on caffeine and now drink more decaf than reg coffee. So I'm careful about what I put into my body. I don't need anything making this issue worse or giving me the jitters. After reading all of my friend's posts and doing a bunch of research on the product I decided to try it after all. Started on Black Friday and as of Thursday (today) morning I lost 4 lbs! And this is only day 6! I love how it helps me with my main problem - cravings and not being able to control what and how much I eat! I feel hungry when I am but have zero craving, I no longer have the "must have food right now!" feeling that I usually have. I can make the conscious decision on what to eat instead of snacking away on the wrong stuff and digging in. I actually eat SLOWER and after half a small portion I start feeling stuffed! I now have no problems drinking 4 to 5 bottles of water a day, usually hard for me in the winter, for some reason I really crave water. I also don't have the daily afternoon slump and tiredness, I feel energetic, no longer bloated and the pounds are melting away. I'm in a great mood, no headache, no jitters, no other problems. I can't believe I'm losing weight BEFORE Christmas and it feels like I'm not even trying! It seems I flipped a switch in my brain, like I don't have to control my eating but my body does it for me. I can't wait where I'll be on January 23rd, my birthday deadline!

It's an all natural (!) supplement taken twice a day. No yucky shakes to down, no having to "control" any eating, not even necessary to work out!

Sounds to good to be true? Yep, that's EXACTLY what I thought before I tried it! LOL

As usual, my "disclaimer" - I only promote and recommend products that I LOVE and that I stand behind 100%. If I recommend/sell them it's because I want everyone to benefit from them because they will either make you FEEL better, LOOK better or make your life easier in one way or another! But don't take my word for it - try it for yourself!

I have a couple of one week samples on hand. We can meet up if you live local or I can send them to you. (Only within the US) If you have any questions, ask me!

You can message me at thecre8ivechick@yahoo.com or join my facebook group

The products can be found here (I use the Trufix and TruWeight & Energy combo and those are the samples I have that will last you 1 week.)

It's been 7 days that I've started taking the Truvision products (the Trufix/Truweight & Energy combo)
and as of this morning I'm 5 pounds down and have lost 1 inch off my waist, 1/2 inch off my thighs and hips!

All by taking the 2 supplements twice a day and having them go to work! It doesn't get much easier than that - and I see it on the scale and my clothes that it works!

Let me know if you're ready to try it - One week samples are $20 (I saved more than that in food this week!) and for $5 I can ship you up to 2 weeks worth.
What have you got to LOSE? (Other than pounds and inches?) ;)
Email me at thecre8ivechick@yahoo.com
Or message me through facebook at www.facebook.com/thecre8ivechick

There's also a facebook group where I'm posting more info and updates to my progress - feel free to join!
Feel better ~ Look Better ~ Be Better

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