Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wood sign letter transfer DIY

I just realized I never posted these on here!
And since I'm working on a Welcome sign for my DIY Fall pumpkin decoration I'll include that also.
I made these wooden name plaques for the canvas pictures I have in our guest room of some (yes, those are not all) furry family members.
I had planned on using wooden letters to make the signs but after looking at the cost to make them all and given the fact that I didn't want to use a "simple" font. Because I wanted to have each sign be unique and individual but overall have a similar look I decided to give this a shot.
Plus with this technique, regardless how many letters were in a name I was able to adjust it to where they would all fit on the same size sign.

You'll need:

  • Wooden sign/board (can be reclaimed wood or you can find those little plain ones at Walmart or Hobby Lobby etc.)
  • white paint & paint brush
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie
  • Sandpaper or acrylic nail file
Paint one coat of white paint onto your wooden boards, doesn't have to be a thick coat and if you're trying to achieve the look of mine, make sure it's a thin coat where the wood still shows through. You can also use a stain for this provided it's a light colored one if you plan on using a black sharpie.
If you are using a dark pain or dark stain, just use chalk instead of the pencil to transfer the letters.

Let the paint/stain dry thoroughly which shouldn't take long.
Now using a program like MS Word, create the "name" you want on your sign with the font of your choice. Then by clicking "outline" in the font menu you will save ink when printing, as all you'll need is the outline.
Check the size of your name and make sure it'll fit on your wooden sign (make sure your WORD setting is at 100%)

Now print 

The next step is easier and faster if you use carbon copy paper. But I didn't have any so I used this simple technique. Turn your paper over and cover each "name" with pencil. (Use chalk if you painted the signs dark)

 This is what it'll look like from the front

Now put your wooden sign under the paper and trace the name with the pencil. 

The pencil will transfer onto the board

Fill in the name with the black sharpie

Using the sandpaper or file, distress the sign across the entire front, corners and edges

If you plan on hanging the sign outside, add a protective spray

To hang them on the wall without putting holes in the sign or wall I used sticky tack 

And for the pumpkin decoration...
(This was made out of a 2x6 board, 3 pieces of landscape timber, small branches and plastic leaves)

I made a Welcome sign using an old split cedar fence board

Instead of the pencil I used chalk to transfer the letters

Painted it with white paint 
(due to the lack of having a white lacquer pen which would have been easier) 

let it dry and distressed it with some fine sandpaper

Finished :)

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