Thursday, December 5, 2013

My favorite things: 3D Fiber Lashes Mascar

Remember Oprah's favorite things? I always LOVED and looked forward to the show!
Well, I'm no Oprah but I sure have my own favorites! So I've decided to add my personal favorites to this site! I will be posting these in separate posts so keep an eye out for them!
From household items that save me time, money and most of all, my sanity ~ to beauty products, horse tack and more! I will be posting about each individual item in detail with a link on where to find them.
I REALLY have to be convinced about a product to recommend it so not many make the cut but you can be sure that the products you see on my site I stand 100% behind!


While I have eased up on wearing Make-up a little (working outside or playing with the horses, most days in Texas are a complete waste of Make-up because the weather will make sure that the Mascara ends up on your chin and your eyes look better than that of a raccoon's within minutes), I still always and I mean ALWAYS get done up when hopping in the car and leaving the property.
And like most girls I absolutely LOVE lashes. I'm jealous of my Mini horse and Cocker Spaniel who have the longest lashes I've ever seen! Mine? Not so much. And because I'm pretty active and not just sitting in an air-conditioned office all day every day, I don't wanna deal with the hassle of fake lashes which would probably not last longer than a day or two for me anyway. And they're EXPENSIVE! Plus I've heard horror stories of them causing your own lashes to fall out or break off. And after my not so friendly encounter with a eyelash curler a few years ago where I accidentally moved and ripped out (Ouch!) half the lashes of my left eye, I would like to hold on to the ones I got. Because let me tell you - eyelashes take WEEKS to grow back.
So I've tried several mascaras in an attempt to enhance, lengthen and thicken my not so naturally gorgeous lashes and while they did an "ok" job, none of them really blew me away.

But then I found IT! "It" is NOT fake lashes, no extensions, as simple as 1, 2, 3 - just about as easy as putting on mascara! And the best part? It will give you such glam awesome lashes it will make your eyes stand out in the most beautiful way and for a REALLY affordable price at a fraction of the cost of fakes! Comes in a signature case for $29 and will last you up to 8 weeks. Water resistant and will last all day but easily washes off when you remove your Make-up at night! Tried it riding my horse in sticky hot Texas weather and my (non-Younique) eyeliner diappeared but my 3 D Lashes were still the same! So much for my own personal review!

"It" is called Moodstruck 3D fiber lashes by Younique. The "fibers" are 100% natural green tea fibers and will enhance your lashes by 300%! (The picture below is NOT a model - just a "normal" person like you and I!
I loved them from the first time I've used them back in November - so much that I'm convinced every girl should have them! I've never seen another mascara bring out anyone's eyes the way this one does!

You can find the fiber lashes HERE

And this here is me loving my "new lashes"
I'm NEVER going back to regular mascara! :)

3D Fiber Lashes by Younique before after

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