Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Nice to see you found my blog! I figured it was finally time to put all those crazy thoughts, ideas and projects I keep myself busy with on paper, or in this case, on screen!
At least I'm "attempting" to do this. But if you know me, you also know that my brain won't shut up and keeps my body going all day - mostly outside working on 5 projects at a time and driving my husband crazy because there's always something started somewhere! (And for some reason the ones he WANTS me to start are being pushed back further and further...)

This blog is the "other cre8ive side" of mine. When I'm not working on cakes my creativity has to have a different outlet - usually somewhere around our house :)

But be sure to also check out my cake site Cre8ive Cakes - so you can have your cake and eat it too (while you're browsing around here).

So where do I begin? Probably my most recent project, my "summer project" so to speak. Yes, I'm crazy enough to wait until Texas hits 100 degrees in June to start the big stuff. 2 years ago that was 800 feet of fencing of which 300 feet was privacy fencing - that means every single fence panel attached with a minimum of 5 screws with a simple electric screwdriver. But I had a good reason for it, I had found my dream horse and had 2 weeks time before he was delivered. But I got it done. Ok, let me stop rambling and show you a couple of pics of what the summer of 2013 has kept me busy with!

Here it is - the "Egg Plant" of The REAL Cre8ive Chicks! More pics & details will be posted soon!

6x6foot coop & 6x12 foot attached run

I've made a few modifications since the chicks moved in - some things you don't know about until the residents teach you!

Check out the "REAL Cre8ive Chicks" for pics of the babies when we first got them.

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