Friday, September 27, 2013

No knead Rye bread

Ever heard of the "No knead bread" - I hope so! Because if you didn't, you've a) been living under a rock and b) have missed out on the best thing your mouth can possibly taste since Krispy Kreme donuts!

It took a while after the recipe was published in the New York Times before I heard about it. Somehow all those friends of mine who loved forwarding emails about who knows what and who knows who never got around to filling me in. But upon browsing the web one day in the mid 2000's I found it. The recipe that will ruin every diet and the bread that doesn't keep very long. Why? Because it's GONE and eaten within a couple of hours after coming out of the oven with a crisp crust, smelling like only the bakery across the street from the farm house I grew up in smelled when I went there on a Saturday morning to get hot rolls for breakfast. It's so good you need NOTHING with it! Well, yes, a little butter won't hurt, and maybe some great jelly (but REAL jelly, with REAL fruit please!), Nutella, a yummy cheese like Havarti, sharp Cheddar, Gouda .... hungry yet? :)

OK, well this is NOT the "regular" no knead bread, because I came up with my own version of a "Rye bread" recipe because I love to try new things and this one turned out to be a GREAT thing! It's not a 100% Rye bread, but rather a Rye mix bread but the Rye REALLY puts some flavor in this bread! And smell! And rye is rich in fiber! (Excuse to have another slice)

So here we go, click on the picture for the recipe with step by step detailed instructions and pictures.


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  1. awesome bread!!! Already tried.. it is very easy to make and it is sooooooo good!!!!